Junked Vehicles

Problems Presented by Junk Vehicles

The presence of any number of junk vehicles can threaten the character and safety of a city. They may cause deterioration of neighborhoods partly due to visual blight, which affects property values. In addition to being an eyesore, these vehicles damage the environment and attract more illegal dumping. In most cases, people don't intend to create a problem by having a junk vehicle on their property. A vehicle may start out as a project or fixer-upper but never reaches completion and then may take on sentimental value keeping an owner from letting go. Inoperable and unregistered vehicles must be stored in an enclosed structure such as a garage or shed. Any abandoned/junk vehicle or a vehicle being repaired or restored is required to be stored in a fully enclosed and non-visible location at all times. Car covers and tarps are not acceptable.

Definition of a Junked Vehicle

Junked vehicle means a vehicle, as defined in Texas Transportation Code Section 683.071, that is self-propelled and:

  1. Displays an expired license plate or invalid motor vehicle inspection certificate or does not display a license plate or motor vehicle inspection certificate; and
  2. Is wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled, or discarded; or
  3. Is inoperable and has remained inoperable for more than:
    1. 72 consecutive hours, if the vehicle is on public property; or
    2. 30 consecutive days, if the vehicle is on private property.

Notification of Violation

Code Enforcement Officers will place a green notice sticker on the most visible area of a vehicle meeting the above criteria as a junk vehicle. You may also receive notification by certified letter. The owner of the vehicle must then repair or remove the vehicle. If the owner does not comply within the specified time frame, the vehicle will be removed.

Ingleside Ordinance Regarding Junked Vehicles

View the full City of Ingleside Code of Ordinances.