Ingleside Fire Rescue

Ingleside Fire Rescue Staff (JPG)Mission Statement

To provide professional fire protection, fire education, and emergency services to the citizens of Ingleside, San Patricio County, and the State of Texas.

Vision Statement

The Ingleside Volunteer Fire Department pledges to further professional attitudes toward the response to emergencies, the education of the firefighters and members, and the education of the public. To set an ethical standard that is a positive reflection of the attitudes and desires to provide a service that any person upon reflection would feel that their issues and concerns were addressed and mitigated to the best of the ability of members of the Ingleside Volunteer Fire Department.

Values Statement

It is the belief of the members of the Ingleside Volunteer Fire Department that our attitudes, professionalism, and education drive and direct our actions and performance.

  • Dedication - To our community and its citizens - traditions of the fire service - each other as we strive to provide professional and comprehensive services.
  • Education - To obtain as much education as possible and to have that education reflect and directly impact the job performance, planning, and future of the Department.
  • Ethics - To foster an ethical and moral attitude in the performance of our duties, daily lives, and interactions with our communities.
  • Tolerance - To be tolerant of others beliefs, traditions, and situations. Having empathy and compassion for all those we serve and work with despite any biases or preconceived conclusions.
  • Safety - To create a culture of education, health, and safety that will reduce the likely hood of catastrophic events and outcomes.
  • Interaction - Commitment to being part of our community and each other's lives in so much that we can foster an attitude of community and cooperation between the citizens and the Department.
  • Integrity - Strive to be transparent in our business affairs - Provide the same services and attitudes for all (citizens and members of the department) without regard of biases.

We as members put value to so many things that this values statement cannot encompass all we strive to be and provide for our citizens.

Positions Available

A member may choose one or all depending on what they would like to do as a volunteer.

  • Suppression
    • Protects life and property by performing firefighting, general rescues, car accidents, chemical spills, flooding, water rescue, or other duties as assigned
    • Maintains equipment, apparatus, and facilities as assigned
    • Perform in areas that are an immediate danger to life and health with the use of self-contained breathing apparatus and personal protective equipment
  • Support
    • Respond with the fire department to the scene of an emergency and provide support services; hydration, food/snacks, coordinate with scene safety officer
    • Become familiar with all the Fire Department apparatus and where items are located on each unit
  • Admin / Clerical Support
    • Assist with filing, maintaining documents for incident reports and attendance records, scan/archive older documents then destroy paper copies on the proper date
  • Event Support
    • Assist with coordination of events throughout the year for fundraising and other activities
    • Create flyers and signage for each event

Membership Application

Download the Membership Application (PDF) and join us at the Fire Department on any Tuesday Night.

The meetings start at 7 pm and are held at the Ingleside Fire Department, located at:
2425 8th Street
Ingleside, TX 78362