Vector Control

The Public Works Department handles mosquito spraying (Vector Control) for the City of Ingleside.

When Spraying Occurs

Spraying for mosquitoes is usually done 1 to 3 days after sufficient rainfall, or as warranted by weather conditions. 

Vector spraying is most effective when done in the morning from sunrise until approximately 7 am and in the evening from dusk until approximately 9 pm.

Spraying is scheduled for optimum exposure, when wind speed is below 10 miles per hour, and scheduled to take place before or after peak traffic times whenever possible.

Protect Your Home Against Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes develop in water that stands for more than five days. To reduce the mosquito population around your home and property, eliminate all standing water and debris. Here are some spots where water can collect or where poor maintenance can cause problems: 

  1. Pool cover that collects water; neglected swimming pool or child's wading pool 
  2. Birdbath (change water weekly) and garden pond (stock with fish) 
  3. Any toy, garden equipment, or container that can hold water 
  4. Flat roof with standing water 
  5. Clogged rain gutter (home and street) 
  6. Trash and old tires; Drill drain holes in bottom of tire swings
  7. Tree rot hole, hollow stump, or rain puddle 
  8. Missing, damaged, or improperly installed screens 
  9. Uncovered boat or boat cover that collects water 
  10. Leaky faucet or pet bowl (change water daily)