Library Board


  • 5:30 pm
  • 3rd Tuesday of every month (September through May)
  • Ingleside Public Library
    2775 Waco Street
    Meeting Room
    Ingleside, TX 78362


  • Elaine Peterson
  • Debra Sanders
  • Esme Serda
  • Raquel Elizondo
  • Kim Hoppis

The Library Board shall be composed of seven members for terms of one year. Under no condition shall any member provision serve more than three consecutive terms or fraction thereof.


  • The City’s Public Library Board shall act in an advisory capacity to the Librarian, City Manager, and City Council.
  • The Ingleside Library Board of Directors is composed of a dedicated group of people committed to the support and development of the library, its programs, services and materials. The Library Board Members are appointed by the Ingleside City Council based on recommendations from the Ingleside Women’s Club.
  • The Library Board proposes and adopts policies and procedures, as well as the Library’s Long Range Plan (PDF). They advocate for the library on a local, regional, state and national level.
  • The Library Director serves as ex-officio and reports to the Board monthly.