What would make me ineligible for Deferred Disposition?
  • The driver is a holder of a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).
  • The offense occurred in a construction or maintenance work zone when workers were present.
  • The Defendant was involved in an accident resulting in property damage or personal injury.
  • The offense involves passing a school bus.
  • The offense involves failing to obey a school crossing guard or police officer.
  • The offense involves speeding in excess of 30 mph or more over the posted speed limit; excess of 85 mph.
  • The offense involves personal citizen complaints.
  • I was granted deferred disposition within the last twelve months in the City of Ingleside.
  • I am currently on deferred disposition in the City of Ingleside or in another jurisdiction.

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1. What is Deferred Disposition?
2. What is required at the time I request Deferred Disposition?
3. If Deferred Disposition is granted, what are the conditions?
4. What would make me ineligible for Deferred Disposition?