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Ingleside Senior Citizen Center

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Ingleside Senior Citizens Meals On Wheels (PDF)

The Ingleside Senior Citizens’ Center is staffed by 2 part-time employees who provide transportation, prepare snacks, plan and carry out special events, provide nutritional information and other services for the Seniors.

The Ingleside Senior Citizens’ Center serves the needs of Ingleside’s older citizens by providing opportunities and resources for nutrition, health, recreation and social interaction.  Any Senior in the community is welcomed to attend and join the Center. Through a cooperative effort with the Community Action Corporation of South Texas (CACOST), the Area Agency on Aging of the Coastal Bend and the City of Ingleside the Center provides a hot meal each day at noon for an optional donation of 25¢ to 75¢ per person.  Any Senior Citizen can join the Center and enjoy a hot meal and fellowship with other Seniors in the community.

The Center also provides transportation to and from the Center and to several locations in the area for Seniors to shop and conduct their business affairs, as well as delivering meals to the Homebound.  The City of Ingleside purchased a  piece of property on Main Street in Ingleside and paid for the renovations to the building to provide a permanent home for the Center and their activities.  The Center has a full kitchen, as well as gaming tables, exercise equipment, large screen TV and offices.  Through many generous donations from the public the center also has free Internet access, sewing machines and a variety of games.

Many local businesses and individuals make donations of food or treats and the Seniors collect donations among themselves to purchase the makings of a breakfast, which they share together once a week.  Breakfast at the Center is a big treat for everyone!

Anyone in the community is welcomed to visit the Center and the Seniors are always thrilled to serve as hosts and hostesses to visitors.  While the Center serves as the focal point for a hot lunch, the Seniors gather early most days to enjoy dominos, work jigsaw puzzles together, exercise or play cards and of course—exchanges stories and laughter with each other.  So come on by and meet some new friends or spend some time with people you already known for a lifetime!  Can’t wait to see you here!

Meals On Wheels

The Ingleside Meals on Wheels to the homebound Seniors in Ingleside is also provided through this facility.

View more information for Ingleside Senior Citizen Meals on Wheels (PDF)

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