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Additional Patrol & Observation Request

  1. This form is to request additional Police patrols and policing activities for vacationing residents, suspicious activities near homes and businesses, and other legitimate security concerns. Additional information from you in a follow-up contact from the Ingleside Police Department regarding your request is not uncommon.

  2. Street Address

  3. Reason For Additional Patrol And Observation*
  4. Street Address

  5. Include Year, Make, Model, Color, and License.

  6. Consent*

    I understand that I am providing this information to the Ingleside Police Department in order to assist them in any necessary police activity related to my home, property, or business during my absence. While I understand the police department will make a reasonable effort to check on my home, property, or business during my absence, I understand and confirm that no expressed or implied promise or warranty is made that any police officer will have to check on my home, property, or business at any time during my absence.

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