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1. What is the phone number to reach Animal Control?
2. What happened to the Ingleside Animal Control Shelter on Tiner Avenue?
3. Who should I call for Animal Control services?
4. If my dog was sleeping on my front porch, why did Animal Control pick my dog up?
5. Why must my animal be quarantined if it has had its rabies shots?
6. Why does it cost so much to reclaim my animal from the shelter?
7. Who do I call about a dead animal in my neighborhood?
8. Does the City of Ingleside require a license for dogs and cats?
9. Does the City of Ingleside have a limit on the number of animals a person can own?
10. What can I do about a neighbor that lets their animals run loose?
11. My dog is vaccinated for rabies. Can my dog run loose?
12. Can I vaccinate my animal for rabies myself?
13. Does the 7-in-1 shot cover rabies?