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1. What is the status of the Driver Responsibility Program (DRP)?
2. How does this affect me?
3. Does this mean I no longer need to make a surcharge payment?
4. Does this mean I do not have to pay my reinstatement fee or ticket?
5. What is the status of my driving privilege?
6. How do I get my license back?
7. Will I receive a refund for payments I made prior to September 1, 2019?
8. Will previous surcharge related suspensions be deleted from my driving history now that DRP is repealed?
9. I received a notice to pay a surcharge. Is this still valid?
10. What happens if I defaulted on my installment plan?
11. Must I withdraw my application or contact anyone to cancel my request if I submitted an application for a surcharge reduction through the Driver Responsibility Indigency/Incentive Reduction Programs?
12. I received a DRP Points Advisory / Suspension Notice. Does the repeal of the DRP affect my points?
13. What if I need additional information on other suspensions, fines, or fees?
14. How do I contact the Department if I have additional questions?
15. Will this affect any failure to appear holds on my license?
16. I have heard about the Real I.D. Act. Will that affect getting my license back?